Tuesday, September 8, 2009

OTR Review: A Case for Doctor Morelle

Series Name: A Case for Doctor Morelle 
Episode Title: Confession of Guilt
Original Air Date: 4/30/57
Available on: Old Time Radio Mysteries Podcast: Sept. 7, 2009 Episode
Sound Quality: Above Average

This is an interesting find, a BBC British detective fiction show featuring Dr. Morelle, a clinical psychologist who is, depending on your opinion of him, either wonderfully entertaining or a complete gasbag.  Personally, I see him as both, and find his gas-bagginess his most entertaining aspect.  He is aiding by his long suffering yet good natured assistant, Miss Frayle.

This particular episode opens up with Miss Paula Webb, a presumably attractive young lady, shooting Mr. Powers, an ex-lover.  The next scene we discover that the murder is being played as a suicide, a note to the deceased's wife having been left behind.  The only thing mysterious about this is that he shot himself through the heart rather than the head as is common in suicide.  Miss Webb then meets with Dr. Morelle and lets him know that she shot Mr. Powers but hadn't left the note, he must have already planned the suicide!

The story moves along from here with a number of exciting twists and turns.  I haven't heard a mystery quite like this one before and the freshness of the script combined with the arch-smugness of the lead makes this one definitely worth your time.

4/5 Golden Masks

A photograph a Cecil Parker, the actor who played Dr. Morelle in this series.

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